• In economics, business and politics,  it is necessary to have information tools that allow us to anticipate what will happen. This way, entrepreneurs and managers will be able to make informed decisions to successfully achieve their business objectives. Our goal, in ADVICE,  is to provide those predictive instruments.

  • With the crisis, the business consultancy based in data is more necessary than ever. Until 2022 the world will live in an environment of economic uncertainty. There have been companies that, between 2007 and 2012 have used data-based shared consultancy tools in order to reduce costs. This effort has been useless. Every industry and company has its own needs. Consultancy provided by ADVICE  is always ad-hoc for each client and at a more competitive price than any multiclient study can provide.

  • Business excellence is accessible to anyone who is willing to train continuously. At the speed in which business happens today, to train every day is much like starting over each morning. In ADVICE, we accompany our clients in this process of constant training, continuous, always ad-hoc and adjusted to each client´s and person´s needs.

  • In a global and economically interconnected world, with the explosion of the Internet and the social networks, companies can’t anymore ignore these factors when making their business plans. It is a too new and unknown world,  but sailing in the company of trusted partners, anticipates and cancels risks and converts them into business opportunities, squeezing and maximizing the Web potential, with profitable business models.

  • We live in an organized world , with all kinds of institutions that make decisions in different areas of life affecting  7 billion people on the planet. For a company, national or multinational, having good institutional relations is an open door to getting the license to operate freely. ADVICE helps clients to have excellent institutional relations, allowing them to improve their P&L and reputation.


No business can be successful without consulting and advice based on empirical and quantitative data, nor succeed unless it has the economic and business tools that allow the anticipation of trends and the future of businesses. ADVICE provides both.

Advice Strategic Consultants is a business and economic consulting firm, that by using data and predictive econometrics, aims to help its clients succeed. Read (+)

In ADVICE we believe that the times when consultancy was based only on personal knowledge and experience ended with the crisis. Now data takes full relevance. Read (+)

Providing a satisfactory experience to our clients is the most relevant of our strengths: in ADVICE, our clients are at the center of all our activities and thoughts. Read (+)

ADVICE has a 360 degree approach to client service, always in the field of data-based consultancy that seeks to stimulate and improve our clients businesses and drive sales. Read (+)

“The interaction between employers and managers, economists, experts, consultants and economic advisors, working together to develop models of economic growth has been the best reward possible I could get in all these years of work”. –Michael Spence, Nobel Prize in Economics 2001.

“Without economic and business forecasting instruments, it would be unthinkable to successfully invest in the stock market” –Warren Buffet

“The key to business success is to anticipate customer's requirements and provide them to the highest quality and the best service possible”–Richard Branson

“Having market information, current and on time, gives businesses a huge competitive advantage for success” –Michael Porter

“I founded CNN because I sensed that in the future, people would need to be informed 24 hours a day”–Ted Turner