The following audio files have been published in the Spanish media.

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AUDIO: Jorge Díaz-Cardiel in 30 Minutos de Oro de Capital Radio. About economic forecasting and the contribution of large Spanish companies to the economic recovery. 25-11-2014

Jorge Díaz-Cardiel interviewed on “30 Minutos de Oro”, led by Carlos Pascual, on Capital Radio

AUDIO: Jorge Díaz-Cardiel in Capital Radio October 3, 2014

Explaining the investment strategies of Carl Icahn, and how he has amassed a fortune of 18,000 million euros invested in Yahoo !, Apple, Dell, Hertz

AUDIO: Jorge Díaz Cardiel about Repsol in Radio Intereconomía. September 15, 2014

About how it will affect the falling price of oil Repsol and other companies, by economic fundamentals and its stock market value.

AUDIO: Interview with Jorge Díaz-Cardiel in Gestiona Radio. May 14, 2014

About Advice Study.

AUDIO: Interview with Jorge Díaz-Cardiel in Intereconomía Radio. January 14, 2014

About visit of primer minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy to USA.