ADVICE Strategic Consultants is a business consultancy firm whose mission is to provide the best possible service to its clients. Our competitive advantage and key factor of differentiation in the global market is the total orientation of ADVICE to its clients.

Our corporate culture, our principles and values, our structure, our processes, our plans, proposals, tactics and tools, and measuring results, are designed so that clients get the best service to be found in all markets we operate: European Union, United States and Anglo-Saxon markets, Emerging Markets (BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India and China), Latin America and the Arab World.

ADVICE has the knowledge and understanding of the culture, habits, language and way of thinking of the countries where it operates, and a global business vision that transdends geographical boundaries.

Helping our clients to be successful in all their business initiatives is our last and final goal. To do this, we provide business intelligence,  based on our own patented Economic Business Theory (“Business Success, with or without crisis”) that distinguishes us from any other consultancy firm.

All our action plans have a starting point: market research supported and validated by 400 experts in economics and business. Only after this validation, and with the explicit approval of the client, ADVICE carries out a SWOT Analysis and Plan (strategic, business, marketing, demand generation, penetration in a sector of activity, search of new business opportunities, competitive analysis,  investors and analysts relations, preparing IPOs-OPV-or any corporate transaction).

We are backed by thirty years of experience, 732 business consulting projects and data-based economy – we never express opinions-, and are determined to focus our efforts to achieve professional excellence for our clients.