Sectors of expertise

Advice Strategic Consultants, as a company and through its partners, has experience in both the public and private sectors having served both in Spain and abroad.

Our sector focus is:

  • Information Technology: cloud, software, hardware, applications, networking, outsoucing, services, support, maintenance, storage, CRM, SCM, business intelligence, etc.
  • Internet: platforms, content, social networks, Web.20, business models
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Mobility: smartphones, operating systems, market intelligence, devices, applications, payment systems
  • Telecommunications and Network Operators, device manufacturers
  • Infrastructure Management: airports, highways, parking, logistics
  • Food Sector
  • Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services, Banks and Savings Banks
  • Mass Distribution
  • Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Media Groups: press, radio, TV and Internet, advertising agencies, communication, public relations and below the line
  • Utilities & Energy: oil, gas, electricity, renewable
  • Public Sector
  • Political Parties
  • IBEX-35, as the backbone of the Spanish economy