Informed decisions

Informed decisions

In ADVICE we believe that the times when consultancy was based only on personal knowledge and experience ended with the crisis. Now data takes full relevance.

The consultancy provided by ADVICE to presidents, CEOs, managing directors, management committees, boards of directors, institutional investors and shareholders always has six basic parameters:

  • Proven industry experience
  • Proven experience in the service provided
  • Advice based on economic and business data as a result of desk and survey market research
  • Economic Business Success Theory validated by 400 experts in business and economics
  • Our recommendations have been previously backed up, at least by three different econometric methodologies and at least by two types of experts in the business and industry of the client company.

ADVICE Strategic Consultants advices with predictive economy: we study trends and follow the evolution in time, we identify patterns of behavior and anticipate information to the client company, allowing it to make strategic decisions.