In defense of Hillary Clinton’s health and privacy

September 13th, 2016 – Article previously published in the blog “US and emerging markets “CincoDí

Hillary Clinton became ill on Sept. 11 in New York; Was transferred to the apartment of her daughter Chelsea, three blocks away from Ground Zero. There, Hillary was an hour and then, she went out smiling, saying that she was very well.

Her political enemies have for years – since the crash and crash on a plane in which she suffered a cerebral stroke – disqualifying Clinton as a possible president because of her health. On this occasion, Clinton’s campaign says it is a pneumonia and in a few days will make public a medical report. Meanwhile, Clinton, has canceled some electoral acts and maintained others, but slowing down.

Every time an electoral candidate, in America, approaches seventy years, his health is subject to scrutiny. The president must be in full physical and mental form to cope with the loads of the cargo, the stress and the maximum tension. It happened with George Bush Sr., before with Reagan – who made jokes about it: “I will not take advantage of my age to disqualify my young opponent for his inexperience,” he said on sorna, with Mc Cain and now with Hillary Clinton. Not so with Trump, a year older than Hillary but it looks like a tank that knocks over everything.

It hurts to see in certain media and see analysts and political commentators who hate the Clintons criticize Clinton for her health. It is enough merit to submit to the harsh rigor of an electoral campaign, after half a century fighting against the current. The attacks are opportunistic and malicious. “Do not judge and you will not be judged, forgive and you will be forgiven …”