Hillary Clinton, the first woman presidential candidate in the US

July 27th, 2016 – Article previously published in the blog “US and emerging markets “CincoDí

direct line to the White House
Hillary Clinton received very strong support from another great woman, Michelle Obama, who was recently in Spain for the second time. Curiosa and coincidentally, I was near. Clinton, 40 years in public life, successful corporate lawyer, first lady in Arkansas, US First Lady, Senator New York, presidential candidate twice, Secretary of State: Very amply prepared to be an excellent President.

I recall my first match with Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha on the Costa del Sol, in August 2010.

My wife and I are not marriage Obama “I say two Spanish women, Andalusia, working in the Hotel Villapadierna. Both they start laughing at the obviousness of what I just said and, more serious, answer me staring into my eyes: “But for us, Mr. Díaz-Cardiel, as if they were, because they will be treated equally “. This is the hospitality of Malaga, the Costa del Sur, Andalusia and ultimately of Spain.

Yesterday, as every year, got to the hotel Villapadierna to enjoy some wonderful days in the Costa del Sol. Away from the sterile controversy generated by several mayors in the area about whether Michelle Obama is in Benahavis, Estepona, Marbella, in Malaga in Spain or even in the European Union, I come here because, like many other tourists in the world, I love the Costa del Sol.

It also seems to be the case of the Obama family, who wanted to spend a few days on the Costa del Sol and, interestingly, in the same hotel Villapadierna where I am staying. Many friends and especially journalists and politicians, asking me if mere chance that, having published barely a month and a half ago my latest book about President Obama, now match his wife in the same hotel on the Costa del Sol. Logically, I say the truth is mere chance and coincidence. My book, “Obama and pragmatic leadership”, was released two months, which is more or less when I booked this hotel when I come years ago. I had already liked, but I remember talking to the Obama family when I booked at the hotel.

As itself is no coincidence in the fact that the Obama family likes the Ritz Carlton hotel chain and the hotel Villapadierna (owned by a private entrepreneur) is managed by the hotel chain. The former US Democratic president, Bill Clinton, and his wife liked them-and follow them gustando- hotel chain Four Seasons. About tastes there is nothing written, the saying goes.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to personally give my book to the US ambassador in Spain, successful entrepreneur, academic, intellectual and close friend of the Obama family of his time in Chicago, before Barack Obama was elected president. When I said that, according to the media, it would coincide with the First Lady at the same hotel, the same day, the man smiled and simply said, in English, “You’re in the safest place in the world” . He was right to Mr. Ambassador. Since leaving the A-7 to take the deviation that leads me to the hotel, I began to see cops of all kinds: local, national and civil guards. All very friendly and smiling.

Now, inside the hotel, normal greetings to any regular customer. And, more security agents, but the latter Americans and the famous Secret Service that always accompany tenants of the White House. Some, dark suit and crew; others, ‘disguised as tourists. ” All, with the “piringanillo” in the ear that identifies them with the Secret Service. Between them, concerned and engaged to ensure security and privacy and intimacy of the First Lady and her daughter Sasha.

How is Michelle Obama ?, ask me a lot. In my book I call “the rest of the warrior.” She is a successful lawyer who shares with the first ladies Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton having college career (her, Princeton) and a doctorate (if, in law, Harvard Law School). Like her husband, she is an intellectual and university professor with a successful career that, to reach the White House has decided to temporarily park to take care of her husband and her daughters. As other first ladies have warned him, the weight of the Oval Office (the famous room of the White House where American presidents dirimen destinations in the world) is very large and tends to sink the shoulders of the presidents. That’s when the first ladies help their husbands to put things in perspective: besides President Barack Obama is a husband and father and, especially, in the White House, are passing: his true home is in Chicago, where they come from.

“Being out of step” is something that we can apply to everyone, in every way. But that does not prevent us leave our mark wherever he passed. In the same way the American president Bill Clinton made his mark in Granada, when seen from the balcony of St. Nicholas the sunset over the Alhambra (which yesterday, August 5, 2010, could also enjoy Michelle Obama), the Obama name has already left an indelible mark on the Costa del Sol, in Andalusia, in Spain and, of course, in Malaga.

For years, in my many trips to the United States, I had to explain that I come from Toledo, Spain, not of Toledo, Ohio. The famous conquerors like Hernán Cortés or Pizarro made the Americas, christened cities in the United States bearing the same names as our cities in Castile and Andalusia. Surely, in the United States, there are some city or province Malaga call. I am sure that, since the family of the first black US president (Barack Obama) has set foot in Andalusia, many millions of people around the world who already know the name of Malaga (Spain), and they associate it with good taste, refinement, exquisite education, extreme quality and wonderful hospitality that characterize Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

I confess that I did not need the first lady of the United States to remind all that. But it is true that, now and thank her, not only me but the whole planet, we know of the wonders of the province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol. From my room in the same hotel, I share with Michelle Obama a Home white distinct not based in Washington DC, but in Benahavis.