Tribute to the victims of September 11th 2001: “I love you” in the voicemail

Today marks fifteen years of the tragedy. The Islamist terrorist group Al Qaeda, attacked with aircraft the financial center of New York and the United States, in Manhattan, destroying the twin towers and buildings adjacentes. Thousands of people were killed, others were injured physically and psychologically. Many people lost loved ones. And both the words “I love you” were the most listened to by those relatives and friends who lost theirs when they heard their voice messages on mobile. Those people keep these messages as gold cloth: they are the last memory of the son, sister, husband, father …

Al Qaeda also attacked the US military power, exploding a plane into the Pentagon. And passengers flying “United 93” died as martyrs fighting terrorists and crashing the plane away from its target, possibly the White House.

New York came after Madrid and London. ISIS born years later, and terrorist attacks have trodden French, Belgian, American … soil and threaten us all.

United States and Russia have reached an agreement to have a ceasefire in Syria and ally in the fight against ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Serve this agreement to bring peace and terrorist groups disappear.

And also to honor the victims of September 11th.