Trump qualities are not business: they are “reality show”

September 7th, 2016 – Article previously published in the blog “US and emerging markets “CincoDí

When in 2015, Donald Trump announced that he was running for presidential elections in November 2016, nobody gave a hard for him. Best known for the “reality show” called “Apprentice” made between 2004 and 2015, which made him famous for the phrase “you are fired!” (you are fired); with much notoriety, too, because management as a franchise beauty pageants women “Miss America” ​​and “Miss World”, the people and the business and political world forgot that the origins of Trump were the property market, casinos and hotels and have published many books on business success, bearing his name but has not written it. With five bankruptcies and several suspensions of payments behind, few recognized him sound business credentials.

In the strictly political sphere, even less. He has never exercised an elected position. Worse still: throughout the primary process of his party showed ignore almost everything in matters of economy, national security, international relations, geopolitics and geostrategy, etc. However it is not to win the primaries of his party, but swept them. How? Acting as one of their reality shows: every Republican candidate put a label, which scandalized the leaders of the Republican party-usually quite educados- but alluded to the deepest passions of a tremendously conservative white electorate, away from system, which almost never votes and that is low class: watching Trump insulting the “patrician” conservative, “telling the truth”, exaggerating its merits or inventándoselos and using easy slogans: “Latinos are murderers, rapists and drug traffickers” ; “I build the most beautiful wall in the world and Mexico will pay for it”, “we must prevent the entry of Muslims in America,” “will be the best president that God has created”, “women are pigs”, ” blacks live in poverty and violence, what c … I have to lose if you vote for me? “” McCain is a loser because he was captured “, etc. They voted 15 million people. Hillary, 18 million. If you think about it, the sum of those in primary have chosen two candidates does not exceed 9% of the total electorate in a country of 323 million people.

Until two weeks ago, but that strategy was worth to him to beat his Republican rivals, it was not helpful in the fight against Hillary. It was the unbridled madness against the wisdom and experience. Until, for the second time, Trump changed his electoral team, choosing an expert in political communication and a conservative sociologist who conducts surveys and provides messages. From overnight, Trump apologized for the insults. He ingratiated himself with women. He tried Hispanics in Mexico, with veterans at home, with African Americans in their churches. Rather than improvise and get carried away, Trump began reading speeches.

In the end, the strategy has paid off. While Hillary Clinton has to deal with the issues of the Clinton Foundation and the use of a private server for your emails when he was Secretary of State, Trump has been “presidential”. And the Republican Party, money and human resources and a stuffy nose, supports him. Consequence? Today Trump beats Clinton by two percentage points in the polls. Statistically, it means nothing. Symbolically, yes.