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The company as a bridge between society and system

After five years of economic crisis , people ‘s confidence in the political and economic system appears severely undermined . The distance between society and its institutions is becoming increasingly apparent. A restraining , however , is not between the general population and large enterprises . This study highlights the business Successful of Advice Strategic Consultants , which gives large companies the ability to build bridges between society and its institutions, its strong relationship of closeness with the general population ...

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“The Spanish and their enterprises,” the ADVICE study in


The ADVICE Business Success Study establishes links between businesses and the general population. We live in a special time in which the public is wary of many institutions. The companies, which are generating wealth, can bridge between the economic and political system and population.

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2013-2023, decade of economic stagnation for Spain

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The latest economic forecasts of the International Monetary Fund and OECD are very consistent. Both indicate that Spain started in 2013 a decade of economic stagnation. The first five years, Spain will see how the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) continues to decrease and the unemployment rate continues to rise.

Only in 2013 we expect a million more unemployed. The unemployment rate, as a percentage of the active population (Labour Force Survey data or EPA) raise two points. The source of ...

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