Santander and La Caixa have no problems of succession

Interview by Jose Maria Lanseros

Spanish economist Jorge Díaz- Cardiel in his new book pinpoints keys several Spanish companies that are successful in times of plenty and lean .

What has led Luis Abril choose to do the prologue?

When he was still signed General Technical Secretary of the Presidency of Telefónica , which is the most successful company in Spain in both good times and bad . It is the company that has best adapted to the times given its size and ...

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Spanish Economy : stabilizing trend

The Spanish economy is bottoming. It is a way to verbalize it, is highly unlikely, the GDP of Spain continues to fall.

The Spanish economy is bottoming . It is a way to verbalize it , is highly unlikely, the GDP of Spain continues to fall . Before you start writing , I have reviewed some thirty current economic reports , themselves and others. The temptation is overwhelming data-rich . However, I tend to think that both the opinion leaders and ...

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Big companies and banks hold the support of Spanish despite the crisis

The large Spanish companies , and therefore the best known brands , maintain the appreciation of Spanish despite the economic crisis in Spain has lasted more than five years. Telefonica , El Corte Ingles, Mercadona , Inditex … in this order, receive the most support . And something similar happens with the big banks .

According to a study by ADVICE Strategic Consultants  , has had access to El Confidencial Digital, despite great skepticism among citizens by the crisis , a group ...

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The company as a bridge between society and system

After five years of economic crisis , people ‘s confidence in the political and economic system appears severely undermined . The distance between society and its institutions is becoming increasingly apparent. A restraining , however , is not between the general population and large enterprises . This study highlights the business Successful of Advice Strategic Consultants , which gives large companies the ability to build bridges between society and its institutions, its strong relationship of closeness with the general population ...

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“The Spanish and their enterprises,” the ADVICE study in


The ADVICE Business Success Study establishes links between businesses and the general population. We live in a special time in which the public is wary of many institutions. The companies, which are generating wealth, can bridge between the economic and political system and population.

See full article Jorge Díaz-Cardiel in

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