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Telefónica and results: Brazil (+ 13%) marks trend; cybersecurity and MWC

21/2/2018 – Article published previously in the blog “USA. And Emerging Markets “of CincoDí

Telefónica and its results: Brazil (+ 13%) sets trends; Cybersecurity and OpenFuture are the essentials, no matter how much the analysts look at trees that prevent them from seeing the forest. The company chaired by José María Álvarez-Pallete is the first company in Spain. It is worthwhile to focus on what is important.

The focus of the market is on the possible corporate movements of Telefónica to ...

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Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary: Goldman Sach Dominates the World

1/12/2016 – Article published previously in the blog “USA. And Emerging Markets “of CincoDí

In “Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World,” William Cohan argues that Goldman Sachs is the world’s most powerful organization (bank, sect, friends, power, whatever). Curious that, since Bill Clinton was president, almost all Treasury secretaries over 25 years, come from Goldman Sachs. The present, too: Steve Mnuchin.

Steve Mnuchin is a typical candidate for the post of Treasury Secretary. Like two ...

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USA: 10 million jobs in five years … plus 142,000 August

9th September, 2014 – Article previously published in

I read with great surprise that something as generic as “the consensus of analysts” or “the market”, the hands have been at the forefront with the latest unemployment data from the United States. There 142,000 net new jobs were created in August. Apparently someone expect more than 200,000 jobs were generated. Interestingly, market values​​, at least, the Americans-or flinch: the DJ continued its upward wake, SP-500, say the economists and ...

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U.S. GDP upward: upward trend and growth factors

07th November, 2013 – Previously published in

The GDP of the United States has grown by 2.8% in the third quarter of 2013. The data is not definitive, as the Commerce Department noted in the statement of the “Bureau” of Economic Analysis. On December 5th grew know for sure how much the world’s largest economy. The reason for the review is that today’s announcement is based on partial data. Even so, the available data seem to point to the rate at which ...

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“The Spanish and their enterprises,” the ADVICE study in


The ADVICE Business Success Study establishes links between businesses and the general population. We live in a special time in which the public is wary of many institutions. The companies, which are generating wealth, can bridge between the economic and political system and population.

See full article Jorge Díaz-Cardiel in

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