Elections in USA: National Security and International Political Economy

September 9th, 2016 – Article previously published in the blog “US and emerging markets “CincoDí

In America, they say that after the “Labor’s Day Weekend”, the last weekend, the presidential election campaign begins in earnest. In Spain, we soprende, because if our campaigns seem long, the US began in the spring of 2015. Summer has been plagued with rallies and television interviews. Previously, it had held primaries, with televised debates. In the United States the discussions have, from those who held Kennedy and Nixon in 1960, great importance: the audience is large and the outcome of the debate affects the estimated voting. There will be four debates: 3 between presidential candidates and one between potential vice presidents.

The issue that matters most to Americans is national security. Then come the economy and US relations with the world. It is the first time in decades that national security ocipa first place in the minds of citizens. Until now, it used to be the economy. But it is channeled and the unemployment rate is at historic lows, near full employment. Instead, the continuous terrorist attacks on American soil and fear of recurrence, worry-much to ordinary people. To resolve this issue, although its popularity is low minimum-and President Obama at record highs since January 2009-, Americans have two options to choose from: a hard Hillary Clinton who would not shake his hand “take the phone at 3 am to resolve a national crisis, “as in the famous announcement of the 2008 elections, and a cheerful Donald Trump not to wonder publicly why America has nuclear weapons if not to use them.

Economics, Hillary Clinton has already broken its economic program, which is an “Obama 3.0”, corrected and augmented but we have all seen, it has yielded results. Especially when emerging countries are recession, the euro zone is barely growing and the United States end up in a 2.6 to 3% of GDP and economic growth rate close to 4.5% unemployment in December this year. Public investment, infrastructure, ICT, education, clean energy part of the Clinton economic program.

Trump only know two things about the future management of the economy: “I am the best entrepreneur in the world and be the best president” and “be the best president to create jobs that God has created for the United States.” Actual words. God, indeed, we take confessed.